"Your jigs make me a better firsherman." - Pat Thomas, 50 years fishing experience
"By far the best jigs I've ever fished. The pink LavJig really shined through while fishing with Yankee Fleet" - Surf Monkey
"Proven time and again the top producing jig we use on Jeffrie's Ledge...can't go wrong with this time tested design" - Ralph MacDonald
"LavJig 14 oz. are my go-to jig. Great for cod, pollock, and a nice 15 lb. cusk! You'll always find at least three Lav14s in my arsenal at all times, as well as a 12oz. for haddock, and a 16oz. for heavy tides. As a former boy scout, I COME PREPARED!" - Hooch
"NA JIGS & Tackle is a local, family owned business. They make a high quality product that is manufactured right here in the USA. My experience has been fantastic. I purchase 14 and 16 oz. Lavs in chrome because they typically produce huge fish. The owners are extremely invested in their business with a product they stand behind. In a day and age when customer service is a thing of the past, it's nice to know they will solve any issue that may arise. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy. Choose NAJIGS; you won't be sorry" - Judi Fongeallaz

  • 12oz LavJig