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LavJig14's are my go to jig. Great for Cod, Pollock, and a nice 15 lb. Cusk! You'll always find at least 3 Lav14s in my arsenal at all times, a 12 for Haddock, and a 16 for heavy tides. As a former Boy Scout, I come prepared! 


North Atlantic Jigs and Tackle- a local family- owned business. They make a high quality product that is also manufactured right here in the USA. Overall, my experience with North Atlantic jigs and Tackle has been fantastic. I generally purchase the 14 or 16 oz chrome plated jigs because they typically produce huge fish. It's a quality product that the company stands behind. The owners are extremely invested in their business and care about customer service. In a day and age where customer service generally is a thing of the past it's nice to know that they will solve any issue that may arise. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy. If you need tackle- make North Atlantic your go-to tackle supplier, you won't be sorry. 

Judi Fongeallaz